How to earn $2.5k in the Next 60 days. (the truth that no one told you!)

Writer Ash
5 min readOct 21, 2022

We all know that making money online is not simple nowadays because competition is very high in every field.

But what if you have a failed-proof roadmap that helps you to start building an online business that makes you $2,500 per month in profit?

No, don’t worry, you don’t need to invest a single penny to build a money machine for yourself.

Although before proceeding to the full hidden guide about “How to Make $2.5k in the next 60 days” first promise me if you are really passionate about making money online and want to do something for your parents or family, then Please follow this full guide for next 60 days and the result definitely shock you.

In this article, I cover everything I know and what I did over the past 1 years in my online journey.

Might be the article goes long and if some information is left in the article then I also try to make another part of it.

Now I’m ready to start and I want you to forget everything in your life and every work for the next 10 minutes and grab a pen or copy and note everything that I share with you in this article to do for the next 60 days.

So, Hello Dear Hustlers, Today we gonna talk about a roadmap that make anyone a successful person in the online world in just 60 days.

Take a long breath and close your eyes and thinks about what common points all self-made millionaire and online entrepreneur have.

The answer is — They all become successful or millionaires by selling something whether is a physical product, digital product, or course and webinar.

And they all start from ZERO. I know some of you don’t want to sell or don’t know How to sell? If you don’t want to sell something then there are other ways also that make you money.

And I also start my online journey without selling anything. Now let me tell you about my online journey so you can also replicate the same strategy and build an online business like me.

Today I have more than 3 income streams which make me more than $3,000 every single month in profit but this all starts from $0.

1 year ago I decide to help my family and so I start searching “How to make money online?”

Then I start my first writing biz and I start doing hard work to grow fast and make money from it. Then after 2 months of hard work, I made my first $3k from writing.

And then I start my newsletter and it took me over one year to grow from 0 Followers to 24k followers.

And at the end of last year I made around $13k+ from my writing biz and newsletter.

And this continues and I started re-investing that money into my writings business and newsletter.

Nowadays I have more than 3 medium Channels and 1 newsletter that make some $7.5k in profit per month.

Recently in the month of October I decided to start a new medium account called

for free medium user to share some free stuff…

This is my journey in a very very shot…

Let’s talk about 60 days plan for making money online.

First Cut your 7 Days from 60 days and In these next 7 days, your work is to find what you want to do, On which platform you want to work.

You Have Three Options That help you to find What you want to do in order to make money.

Number #1. Choose Platform.

Two Options For You, Choose Anyone Option and take time then choose because this decision is your future. And once you choose it then promise me you don’t change your mind before the next 60 days.



Substack/ Newsletter


Number #2 Choose Business Model

If you are still in confusion and don’t able to choose a platform then choose any one of them, like medium.

Business model is simple : Writing ✍️

Number #3 Skill

Find your skill if you are able to write article then start medium channels if you don’t want to write articles and spend countless time writing then simply start an twitter this takes you less than 10 minutes to create posts for your page or you can also repost others posts without copyright claim.

Now, I think you choose your platform Now it's time to what niches you have to work in to make more money.

The reason only I mention medium and newsletter in the platform section is because I know in depth about that — How to make money using these two platforms.

And I don’t want to share with you something that I never do myself before, so I only share the strategy that I do over these 1 years.

In the next upcoming article, I will share with you “What to Do In Your First 7 Days After Choosing The Platform?

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I try my best to publish the next part as soon as possible.

Have a Nice Day:)