Elon Musk’s New AI is Killing ChatGPT

Grok AI is 100x better than any AI Chatbots…

Writer Ash
3 min readNov 6, 2023
Image Credit: grok.x.ai

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Elon Musk has launched a secret AI called Grok, and it’s said to be 100 times better than ChatGPT.

X (Twitter) is on wild about Grok after its recent release.

Here’s why you should get access to Grok AI soon before it’s too late, and why it’s better than any other AI chatbot in the market right now.

X Real-Time Access

Grok has access to real-time information on “X.”

Image Credit: X

This means it can provide you with the latest news and updates as they happen.

Having access to real-time news and every live tweet gives Grok a big advantage over other models.

It can quickly provide insights on current topics.

Grok Built Different

Grok’s responses are unique compared to other chatbots. It’s designed to add humor to its answers, making interactions more engaging and fun.